Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Emperor's Guard - Legio Invigilata

Having recently realised I have never posted pictures of my finished knights and no record of their existence other than a feature in White Dwarf in March 2019 I felt I needed to rectify this oversight.

So without further ado so pictures of Kernigets......

Atrapos - Koloboss

 Lancer - Iapetus

Lancer - Gungnir's Wrath

Acheron - Ixion

Castallan - Rex Venari

Crusader - Garmr's Vigil

Crusader - Toxotes

Gallant - Headsman

Porphyrion - Peres



So there you have it finally uploaded 12 months after completion......oh I have a Casstigator to do some day 

Monday, 28 October 2019

Fatal Voyeurism - A Deathwatch Army

Fatal Voyeurism.......stop that or you will go blind!!

I started this army all the way back at the beginning of July.  There has been a lot of conversion work and sculpting work some more subtle than the rest (I'm looking at you Ironhand's bionic eye!!!) but I am finally across the finish line and the results are more than satisfying

I will post them in some sort of order......

Heavy Support

click thumbnails to enlarge!!


Watch Master (Blood Angel)

Watch Captain (Salamander)

Librarian (Mantis Warriors)



Kill Team Primus


Primus Sergeant (Carchardons)

Primus Aux Grenade Launcher (Nova Marines)

Primus Intercessor (Flesh Tearers)


 Primus Intercessor (Sons of Medusa)

Primus Intercessor (Executioners)

 Primus Intercessor (Ultramarines)

Primus Intercessor (Minotaurs)


Primus Intercessor (Dark Angels)

Primus Intercessor (Marines Errant)

Primus Reiver (Celestial Lions)


 Kill Team Secondus

 Secondus Sergeant (Black Templars)


Secondus Intercessor (Space Wolves)

Secondus Intercessor (Fire Angels)

Secondus Intercessor (Red Scorpions)


Secondus Aux Grenade Launcher (Silver Skulls)

Secondus Aggressor (Mortificators) 

Secondus Aggressor (Revilers))

Secondus Inceptor (White Scars)

 Secondus Inceptor (Raptors)

 Secondus Inceptor (Raven Guard)

Kill Team Tertius 

Tertius Sergeant (Blades of Vengeance)

Tertius Intercessor (Star Phantoms)

 Tertius Intercessor (Carmine Blades)

Tertius Intercessor (Fire Hawks)

Tertius Intercessor (Crimson Fists)

Tertius Intercessor (Ultramarines)

Tertius Intercessor (Ironhands)


Tertius Intercessor (Death Spectres)

Tertius Aux Grenade Launcher (Taurans)

Tertius Intercessor (Exorcists)


Leviathan Dreadnought (Red Talons)

 Mortis Pattern Contemptor (Lamenters)

 Mortis Pattern Contemptor (Imperial Fists)

and there we have it job done, I have 2 weeks to waste now :D