Thursday, 4 October 2018

Nurgly Goodness

So I am frantically painting daemon engines and princes ready for October.

Progress is maybe not as fast as I would like, I think I am slowing down in productivity as I near middle age.......

Anyway, some evidence is required of stuff that was painted.

Blight Drone 1 - Finished (so is 2 but have no pictures)

Daemon Prince - Finished 

Next up - Painting the plaguehulk and finish building 70 plague bearers (ARRRRRRRRRGGGG!)


Monday, 3 September 2018

Tallywacker of a 30th Birthday

So as part of the doubles list my friend has Epidemius but hates the model.....

So as a 30th I sculpted him a new one and he was pretty chuffed.  I enjoyed it too plus learnt some bits for when I do it for my singles list.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Nippling the Nurgling is Bringing Sexy Back

Such cryptic..............

Thanks to a rather brilliant suggestion by my friend Gareth there is a new addition to the army........sort of

I give you..........

Nippling the Nurgling, Scourge of the Nipple

How I laughed......

Also I have an update on the back, still need to do a little more on the back but we are fast approaching completion of the sculpting!!!

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Disease Spreads

The Bank Holiday Weekend was good to me from a sculpting point of view, although I could have used Sunday better as it was spent getting spanked by the dice whilst playing my Thousand Sons; the winds of fate have abandoned me it seems.  Balls to it I have gribbly stuff I make anyway !

First up I managed to get the Daemon Prince Finished although still not sure about the addition of the original cap mortarion has.

Vorbolous The Reborn

Irrespective of the cape option however it is looking pretty decent.

Next up I started work on the Plague Hulk despite GW trying their best to balls my ability to get a defiler/soulgrinder.......ordered from local shop they forgot to send it to them, ordered it from GW site and they forgot to send it next day delivery; actually only arrived today despite ordering on Thursday morning.  Luckily my friend had one he sold me cheap and although it was poorly built it was not a problem due to what I intended to do with it........

I will let the video speak for itself

That was on Sunday night late on......

Then came Monday and a bank holiday and this stuff happened....

Still loads more to do but it is on the right side of the getting done.

I forgot how much I love sculpting Nurgle stuff!!

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Rotting Legions

What do I need?

Clearly another project to draw my attention away from on going projects........I am such a tit

Anyway enough self chastisement.....

I have decided to return to what truly makes me happy, all that is putrid and bile ridden........Nurgle

Father Be Praised! and all that shenanigans

I am doing a doubles list with my mate Gareth for a tournament, Nurgle Daemons on his side, Death Guard (read daemon engines) on my side.

It allows me to do some sculpting and I get to sculpt and paint his an epidemius counts as for his 30th birthday present.  Cool beans

Starting off this little freakshow is my work in progress on my Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Vorbolous the Reborn, Herald of the Plague Father

I am happy with how he is progressing, used the 30k Mortarion model as a base for it due to me running the prince with Suppurating Plate  

Monday, 23 July 2018

Knights of the Legio

Originally tried to get my Thousand Sons army finished for a game against Dan Harden of White Dwarf, I failed...........

So a substitute army was required with three weeks to go before I travelled to Warhammer World......

What do I have that Dan has not seen and I have unfinished (some of which have been for almost 2 years now) that I can use the game as motivation to paint......



2 Warglaives
2 Helverins

Some work in progress bits and bobs........

Luckily I don't mind painting freehand Legio Symbols................

 fast forward 3 weeks to 3:20am on the night before I travel to Nottingham.....FINISHED!!!!
I have some videos of the models but can I upload a decent copy....can I fuck
So you will have to trust me when I say I finished the lot, added them to my other 6 existing knights, and then made it to WHW to play the game :)
As fate would have it the Open War cards we drew allowed us to fight over the bridge and much fun was had including a rather stunning chain reaction of explosions that left a stompa, 2 knights, and half the Ork infantry dead. 

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Cyclops of Prospero Evolved

My original idea for the Magnus has evolved to something rather different than first envisaged, very much in keeping with the transient nature of the subject matter, Tzeentch being the master of mutation and change.

So it was originally envisaged by me that I would do a Thousand Son style head dress for him, I started making it from plasticard and although was decent it just looked out of place, so I binned it.  

I then started thinking of alternatives, and for some reason a mix of Pan from Pan's Labyrinth and Tim Curry's character from Legend began to formulate in my mind.  I also decided that I really liked the mouth and chin of the stock face and decided to retain it.  Obviously wanting to keep with the Cthuhlu influence I kept some of the tentacle beard, tentacle mutton chops it was.....

I had also added in 9 eyes onto his chest.  Down side of the above model was that there was little of interest on the head, just a bald dome, so I started thinking of Peloquin from Nightbreed and felt that it would give him a "mane" similar to the stock model whilst being suitably altered and unique.

I am happy with the final result, let's hope that the painting is suitably good to showcase the conversion.  Few more models to build and I am ready to paint!