Friday, 24 May 2013

Davok the Tainted

So after my musing about my battle standard bearer and the fact 5 more points would gain me +1 wound and +4 attacks on top of what Kazyk on the Daemonic mount would give me.  Kazyk is well and truely relagated to just a hero/lord with some sexy bling.....time to get a unit of knights me thinks :D

I now have an excuse to be creative and make something unique.

Idea for Davok The Tainted

I made a quick mock up last night for the bearers so far I am using 1.5 of the blocks of plastic nurglings as the bearers, although I noticed Rafal Maj over at has done a palanquin but by surrounding the palanquin with the bearers and I sort of liked the idea. 

I was toying with this originally balsa wood float and throne with GS/putty over the top.  A flayed skin and chain skirting that will cover the top parts of the nurgling piles so i dont have to go to the extent of sculpting new nurglings whilst giving the impression of the horde of little fat people scurrying below. 

Davok himself will be made from the plastic nurgle lord sat down, hand resting on a shield that will be leaning against the throne.  The other hand holding a nice axe OR the battle standard if I choose not to put it tacked on the rear of the throne, not decided on whether or not I will.

The standard itself will be sculpted basing it off the Banelegions Minotaur Banner, stitched skin

Luvly Jubbly

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  1. Give him an axe or a plague sensor - i'd definitely attach the banner to his throne :)