Monday, 13 May 2013

Egolessness and Competition Painting....The Opposing Forces

I have long been analysing why I enter painting competitions, as a buddhist I strive towards egolessness and the very act of entering these painting competitions and painting something specifically for it breeds ego in my mind, ego is the cause of all suffering.

I paint for relaxation and enjoyment almost in a zen like state of calm and clarity, therefore the act of painting purely for the purpose of entering a painting competition is counter productive to my wellbeing as it breeds ego and stress.  I do not wish to imply that competition painters are all ego driven arseholes because they really are not for the most part they are great people, but their attitude does however change the closer they get to GD etc etc, and I guess I am no different. 

I have decided that I am not competitive painting any longer for the sake of competitive painting, this won't stop me from painting display stuff for my own enjoyment and relaxation and maybe taking something to the odd Games Day that I have done "just because" but I am no longer being dragged into the mire of "I must paint this for GD!!!" and neglect other projects and enjoyments.

One of the biggest positives is I will now be able to start clearing my backlog of unpainted miniatures; particularly my chaos stuff, and getting back to painting purely for the joy of painting.  


  1. I hardly ever enter painting competitions as you well know for the same reasons. Sharing the beauty of the craft, perseverence at our own artistic projects, and if someone sees the creation, approves and likes it, then that is reason enough to share and it's own reward, not for accolade but for inspiration and collaboration of ideas among fellow brushlickers.