Sunday, 30 June 2013

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Blitzkreig Bop - Armageddon Steel Legion 8th Heavy Company

Finally revisited the super heavies...........

been sat starring at me for bloody ages now, started to feel slightly ashamed for having £210 worth of models sat half painted

Blitzkreig Bop - Armageddon Steel Legion 121st Armoured - Pack of Banewolves

So some more new additions to the army 3 Banewolves, easy to build and hopefully as easy to paint :D

Camo pattern is based, not I need to do the metals, tanks markings, freehand etc and then on to weathering

Well I think I am on course for completing all the new additions to my army.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Blitzkreig Bop - Armageddon Steel Legion 121st Armoured - Manticore

So I have been rather absent of late.....playing another form of Blitzkreig, Company of Heros 2, if you haven't had the pleasure yet do it! Great game!

However things have been put to one side and I have revisted my Steel Legion army once again with the game against my friend Dan Harden next Friday up at Warhammer World looming as I wanted to get a few more units on the I popped into GW Exeter last Saturday and picked up a Manticore and 3 hellhounds/banewolves/devildogs (although mine will all be Banewolves)

I have built all and am motoring through the painting.

I have nearly finished the manticore, just mud splatter and scorching to do but I am doing this on all tanks at the same time to same me time

Lovely models to build and easy as well :D

Roll on the weekend so i can get these new additions and the two super heavies finished!

Monday, 17 June 2013

Crew of the Seafang

Few more done, slowly coming along, maybe not as fast as I would have liked but some progress is better than none :)

well thats the command group done at least :D

Friday, 14 June 2013

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dirty Space Elves and Cloven Hooved Vagheads!

Having decided to go to Battle Brothers at Warhammer World with my good friend Luke in September, Luke loves manga type stuff and and has started Tau so working out a decent allied force began in earnest.  So he and I have been musing about what I should take, started off with Imperial Guard, then Grey Knights but nothing seemed to fit all that well.

Enter Eldar (as I lovingly refer to them, Dirty Space Elves), I don't usually buy into the new release syndrome but alongside some rather nice new models, and a chance to do a wraith list to support tau and paint them like halequins as too hard to resist.........and the new codex is rather naughty, although I will also get the Iyanden suppliment once it is released as it is more wraith specific.

So far I have purchased 3 boxes of Wraithguard, 1 Crimson Hunter, 1 Farseer and a Spiritseer.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Crew of the Seafang

Little less productive recently than I would have liked, I blame the release of Company of Heros 2 beta.

There has been progress though.....

Decided to go back to the start rather than carry on making random marauders, and set out the movement try and how I want it all to look from the bottom up.

Some close ups of the marauders done so far

Monday, 3 June 2013

Crew of the Seafang ....... HOW MANY?!?!?!?!?

After offering up the choice of my next unit to the denizens of Librarium Online it was decided that I should do a block of 50 marauders with hand weapons and shields for Wulfrik the Wanderer to hide in, they had the choice of 20 Warriors with halberds, 20 Warriors with Shields, 10 Knights, a Chariot or 50 Marauders, it was almost unanimous, one person choosing 20 Warriors OR 50 Marauders.

So there we have it.

I made a start on the unit.

Essentially that is 11 of the 50 guys, although none are really finished.  Entire movement tray and bases are magnetised, going to be a fun yet VERY draining entreprise I think.

Lars the Withered Watchman of Nurgle

I cracked on with the palanquin and sorcerer alternate rider for it over the weekend

Just a few minor things to do and then it's ready for painting.