Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Dirty Space Elves and Cloven Hooved Vagheads!

Having decided to go to Battle Brothers at Warhammer World with my good friend Luke in September, Luke loves manga type stuff and and has started Tau so working out a decent allied force began in earnest.  So he and I have been musing about what I should take, started off with Imperial Guard, then Grey Knights but nothing seemed to fit all that well.

Enter Eldar (as I lovingly refer to them, Dirty Space Elves), I don't usually buy into the new release syndrome but alongside some rather nice new models, and a chance to do a wraith list to support tau and paint them like halequins as too hard to resist.........and the new codex is rather naughty, although I will also get the Iyanden suppliment once it is released as it is more wraith specific.

So far I have purchased 3 boxes of Wraithguard, 1 Crimson Hunter, 1 Farseer and a Spiritseer.

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