Sunday, 11 August 2013

Blitzkreig Bop - Armageddon Steel Legion 121st Armoured - Valkyrie Assault Carrier and Vendetta Gunship

So today have been solid painting of the hull, most of the time is spent maksing off areas

So I started with this. Pilots masked off

Sprayed on the Tamiya Sky (light blue) on the underside of the hull however I managed to spill an effin airbrush cup full of paint on my keyboard and it died hohhoribly so i had to drive to Exeter to get a new keyboard, first one I have purchased in about 8 years (old was was getting a little knackered) so that was best part of 2 hours wasted :(

Once the sky was done I masked off the underside area which I wanted to remain sky coloured and then reapplied the black undercoat.

I then did the grey gradient on the camo.  Once dry using blue tac and masking tape I masked off a camo pattern.  I do this only on the flyers and freehand the tanks sort so as to distinguish the air from the ground forces :)

Once Masked off I then apply the green/rotton flesh type colour part of the camo and the gradients of that.

Once dry I remove ALL the masking including the pilots......this is the nerve wracking part when every time you remove a bit of masking tape you think you are about to find a part that has not been properly masked off an you have ruined your previous painting :D  Luck as yet I haven't had such a disaster.....touch wood.

Once the masking is all removed I am left with this.

Ready for freehand and transfers now.

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