Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dirty Space Elves and Cloven Hooved Vagheads!

Post list rethink......

all models are finsihed and I am ready for the Battle Brothers Tournament on 7th and 8th September.

Farseer (no longer in double army)

Spiritseer (new allied HQ - I have moved to the allied detatchment rather than a primary which has been taken over by Luke and his Tau)

and finally the two Wave Serpents (hey they need some pimpin rides :P )

After the tournament I will be adding a unit of 6 wraithblades and 2 wraithlords (one of which will function as the army's warlord.   After which I will be ebaying them for anyone interested.


  1. G'day my name is Paul and I've just purchased your eldar army, the guy I bought it off claims to have painted the army but as I was search eldar far seers your model came up on google and now here I am talking to the real owner of this army

    I really like your technique you used can you explain how you did it and what type of paints you used as I want to increase the army.

    Your feed back would be great my email is