Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Blitzkreig Bop - Armageddon Steel Legion 101st Infantry - Painting Has Begun!

As the title suggests I finished up the building over the weekend and am straight onto the painting.

Undercoated them black and then airbrushed on a nice even coat of RMS-HD Griffon Tan being the basecoat colour for the coats.  Previously this as the really time consuming part getting a smooth coat over the black.....airbrush has shaved off hours of work

All then I had to do was darken out the webbing and body armour etc for later painting before I then started to paint the actual coats with a brush

I have managed to get the coats done on the Neverborns, Colour Sergeant Sinclair, and the new Company Commander name undeicded as yet (I think I will rename my existing commander as Colonel Sarren and pass his current name Colonel Von Gil to this guy). 

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