Thursday, 26 September 2013

Painting Tutorial - Tabletop Khaki Great Coats

I have been asked numerous times by people how I do my Khaki coloured great coats on my Steel Legion.  So i decided to do a picture tutorial to help explain.

I use the following colours , Griffon Tan, Desert Tan, Tusk Ivory, and Blackened Brown all Reaper Master Series paints

I mix up the mixes of the colours as shown in the picture below

The paint is thinned enough that it should pool and not stick to the sides of the pallett wells too much.  I should point out that I paint with paint that is a glaze even for tabletop so the transformation colour wise is very subtle and doesnt become apparant until the end, which is something to remember if you try this and start thinking "FFS Dee nothing is happening".

Start of with a nice smooth coat of Griffon Tan

Next is the first highlight of 50/50 Desert Tan and Griffon Tan, this is applied fairly liberally but with the folds of the cloth in mind.

Next the second highlight of Desert Tan further excentuating the folds, taking into account which areas would be exposed to light.

Next the third highlight of 50/50 Desert Tan/Tusk Ivory further excentuating the previous stages above.

Next I start to work the opposite way adding shade, this will really start to make the folds of the cloth stand out.  The first shade is the 60/40 Griffon Tan/Blackened Brown mix

The previous stage is repeated to build up the shade where needed before moving on to the next shade, pure Blackened Brown this is only really applied to the areas such as where the sides of the coat are pinned up as this would be in a great deal of shade and also I want to define this.

The final stage is the brightest highlight of pure Tusk Ivory, picking out edges and tops of folds etc.

Coat finished!  Sometimes I find the blending has been a little crap, in this instance I might consider a glaze od the 50/50 Griffon Tan/Desert Tan, this will act like a filter and tie all the blends in.

I'm now ready to paint the metal, another tutorial perhaps?



  1. Replies
    1. ok mate I will sort something out tonight

  2. Awesome tutorial, I have always been impressed with your cloaks (something I have always struggled with) so this has been a major eye opener, cheers!

    1. Cheers Ben, if there is anything you would like me to do tutorial wise just let me know and I will see what I can do

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