Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Commissar Falkov - Castle Miniatures Bust

I agreed to have a little "Bustup" with my friend Phill we have both decided to paint the same bust for a bit of fun.  I love my Steel Legion so it made sense that i theme it to that army and in particular to Commissar Falkov being the Commissar attached to Helsreach.

This is a lovely bust from Castle Miniatures although I am not keen on the original canisters on the side of the gas mask as they look like some sort of eldar thing, so I have converted it into a more contemporary gas mask.  I have also removed all the "G" symbols from the model and replaced them with discs so that I can paint some Steel Legion symbols. Finally I have smoothed out all the texture on the jacket.

This will be my first ever bust and I am looking forward to it :D

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