Monday, 2 December 2013

When He Woke The Nightmare Was Real - WFB Daemons

I have been absent from posting for a short time however that is because I have been building models for a new army, originally just 700 points of Fantasy Daemons for a doubles in February.

The army was going to be

1 Herald
20 Daemonettes
6 Seekers
1 Hellflayer

I checked my "Cupboard of Awesome" and found 40 Daemonettes, 20 Seekers (well most of the bits to make them) and a hellflayer.  Oh and 2 Keepers of Secrets.....and they have a massive secret! SO i thought sod it I will build them all and paint them all at once, clears a little storage space anyway.

Then I started thinking about other aspects of the Daemon army book, especially the winds of magic rolls, on a double 6 you get a free unit, this left me with a dilema from a gaming point of view if I spawn a unit of daemonettes (and bloodlettters or plaguebearers for that matter) they spend a turn doing nothing whereas pink horrors when spawned are instantly a level 1 caster able to cast in that phase, and then charge the next turn.  So i decided to add 20 pink horrors to the army as well.  This allows me to retain the slaanesh theme of the army and add other bits. 

So the present situation is I have 2 units of 20 Daemonettes, 2 units of 10 Seekers, a Hellflayer and 20 pink horrors built ready for painting and still need to do the sculpting work on the slaanesh herald. 

I started to paint the pink horrors, skin was laid down with the airbrush, first time of using the airbrush to do organics rather than armour and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.  Picture is cack as my PC at home died at the end of last week and I am limited to mobile photos for the next week or so.

So far so good.


  1. Yay fantasy!

    Your Grey Knights and Imp Guard have been awesome to look at pal but tbh fantasy is where my main interest lies and I am really looking forward to seeing how these turn out. Very colourful start, keep it coming!

    1. Cheers mate

      I have drawn a line under the 40k stuff for the time being, there is a planned doubles tournament in about 12 months I will be going to with a mate but that will be a small amount of marines. There is also a secret project running in the background.

      As to fantasy, I will be getting these gaming guys out the way and then cracking on with some display type stuff as I haven't done anything like that in nearly 10 months, I think Alice in Wonderland from Nocturna miniatures was the last thing like that. That will mean a revisit of the Tamurkhan diorama, the Great Unclean Clown, and some other bits and bobs.

      I have so much I want to do but not enough time to do it all, just a matter of grinding away :)