Monday, 6 January 2014

Commissar Falkov - Castle Miniatures Bust

Progress on the bust has been rather slow over the holiday period due mainly to the Steam Sales.....

and then as a result Assassin's Creed

and then by association Assassin's Creed Black Flag

But there has been a little progress


  1. Black Flag is awesome to be fair, and a complete time sink. I was just wondering how you find painting the larger surfaces for such a model as this. I have been given (albeit not revieved yet) a Space Wolves bust for Christmas and I'm starting to think of how to apply highlights and shading on such a bigger scale to the 288mm I am used to. Usual brilliant shading with the red and black (which is a difficult colour to paint well) but mainly I love the collar, it looks like real fur!

    1. Thanks mate.

      I had no problems with the scale change. Nice to be able to do all the details in the face rather than just imply it.