Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Toad - Infamy Miniatures

Worked on the Toad last couple of days, have been trying to work out the colours for power plant and went with red to give it that sort of traction engine feel.

Personally I think I made the wrong choice with red as it was far too saturated and jarring on the eye looking at the front of the model.  I however decided to keep it and try to glaze it back using sepia and purple glazes.  I also decided to add some of the other metal colours to see how it played out against the red

I painted the brass trying something I have never tried previously.  Started with Vallejo Air Metallic Steel and then added a bright orange, a little crimson and some burn umber which gave a lovely metallic beige.  I then added more brown to this to shade in the deepest recesses I used pure black.  To highlight added more steel to the base colour using a coat of pure silver to give the reflection.  In order to add a little visual interest I gave some areas a glaze of Red Brick, a lovely purple red.

Think that now it is much more; to borrow a phrase from a friend, harmonious than it was before the brass and will hopefully only increase the more metals are painted.

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