Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Toad - Infamy Miniatures

Started to work on the other cloth areas, namely the jacket and trousers. I originally was going to have all the cloth the same colour as it is in the picture of the peaky blinders i am using as the inspiration, however decided after raising my concerns about it with a friend that it would be far too boring, so to remedy that I decided to do the jacket slightly different, working up from a ruddy leather rather than the bone showd but otherwise using all the same colours as in the other cloth, this allowed for the jacket to look different yet linked into the rest of the clothing tonally.

I managed to make a massive balls up when I blacked out the areas of the model which are to be metal....I was not paying attention and talking to friends, and flicked loads of black spots over the painted parts......after an hour or so I managed to fix it. Would rather not have had to do this but sometimes things happen and you have to deal with them I guess. The blacking out of the future metal parts benefits the eventual finish on the metal and always best to work from black (silver at least)

I have also started the block out the leather using Red Brick as a base colour aiming for reddish hue to the leather.

Also start to build the base.

I have brought myself a load of molds from Diaorama, they are slightly more expensive that hirst arts molds I think but the quality is far better, I have a man hole cover mold that blew my mind detail wise.  The idea for the base is a warhouse on the edge of the Thames as that is the Toad's terriotry.  Still need to add some random bits, maybe some telephone cables, electrical cables etc

The base was built using scupltiboard and then the adding the plaster cast stones etc on top, so it is hollow and rather light.

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