Friday, 25 April 2014

Danol's Retribution - Reaver-Class Titan of the Legio Invigilata

I spent the entire easter break working on the Reaver drilling holes, dry fitting, pinning and gluing.  There is a lot of waiting involved as I have been using industrial grade araldite as glue and the setting time is 14 hours.

Below is a photo timeline of the dryfitting and general building

In between waiting for glue to dry I have started work on the interior and crew.

Gun serviotrs and consoles

Moderati Secundus Joran

Moderati Primus Botan

Princeps Jartaz Rex

So far so good. Really enjoying this model thus far, long may it continue



  1. Great work so far and amazing paintjob in the crew. What colors/scheme will you be going with? I have a Black Templars army with Legio Invigilata support and I'm working on painting the Invigilata ventarii maniple looking for inspiration.

    1. thanks matey.

      a mixture of red black and white mate