Monday, 28 April 2014

Danol's Retribution - Reaver-Class Titan of the Legio Invigilata

Mucho painting has begun!

The entire moel has been primed.....

So many bits!

I also used one of the few miscast parts that i had replaced by FW (overnight UPS as well, cannot fault FW and GW on their customer services) to try out some metallics for the main model.  Wanted from aged metal, not rusty etc but well looked after and old as the reaver is a relic and a God of War it would be in my mind well looked after.

Painted using the FW Model Masterclass for brass and altered to fit my needs. 

Undercoat - Black

Basecoat - Black/White/Oxford Blue (35/35/30)

First Layer - Airbrush on random patches Dark Yellow/Flat Flesh (50/50)

Second Layer - Airbrush on random and sparse patches of red, blue and purple inks

First Drybrush - very light dusting of gun metal over entire area

Second Drybrush - very light dusting of steel over the exposed areas

I was happy with this as it was for aged steel.iron

But I decided to see what it would look like as brass for other areas of the model and gave it an airbrushed glaze of Sepia Ink/Water/Klear (33/33/33) and was happy with the result. Picture to follow.

I have also made massive inroads into the interior painting.  

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