Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Danol's Retribution - Reaver-Class Titan of the Legio Invigilata

So another trip to Nottingham came and went and much fun was had and mucho tired I was left.

The Reaver broke his duck, although it died in turn 4 in the Apoc game vs the White Dwarf guys it took down plenty of points worth of enemy. and soaked up mucho firepower from the enemy leaving our other forces fairly unopposed.

In conclusion well worth the points and well worth the money spent on it as now the enjoyment is nearly over on the painting side the gaming side of it is just beginning. 

So the big question for me was it worth £571..........damn right, 3 months of painting joy and infinate hours of gaming joy to come and once the banners and base are finished it should be worth a pretty penny.

Anyway there hs not been much in the way of work on the base because of the prepping for the trip and the actual trip.  I did get some work done on Brother Ruprecht on Sunday though.

Gone with NMM black working on principles learnt from Tommie Soule at his NMM workshop. I think that works much better than simple three stage edge highlighting which was how I used to paint my Black Templars 3 or so years ago, the progression in my painting ability when I compare what I was doing only a relatively short time ago sometimes astounds me, but at the same time I am an advocate of anyone being able to replicate it with time and a little effort. 

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  1. Just saw this guy in white dwarf! Awesome paint job, hope the base is coming along. Would love to see a complete version!