Thursday, 31 July 2014

Deus Vult

My friend Tim brought me this lovely model from Nocturna Models, and I do love their large scale stuff, good shout on what to buy the guy that wants nothing Tim :D

Remind you of anyone......


I am however not doing him in the same colours I am opting for Knight Templar heraldry, I just really fancy tackling white across an entire miniature and make it look suitably interesting.  What's life without a bit of a challenge?

I had a massive migrane last night so could not progress any work painting wise on the titan base orks as i couldnt focus on small details so I made a start on sculpting the base of this.

I have gone for something fairly simple and sort of boring but will re-enforce the theme of a crusader

Castle wall and a section of a portculis, I intend to put a bail of straw behind him to the left but will probably use real dried grass for that towards the end of the project. Stone work will be slightly darker to frame the white of the knight and the ground will be sand which should work well as the boots will be a dark leather and contrast well against that.

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