Monday, 22 December 2014

Ferrus Manus For A Mate

So I got asked to paint Ferrus Manus for my mate Ben a while back.  Has been sat on my shelf for so long there was a layer of dust on it!

Been struggling to actually paint much of anything recently and haven't picked up an actual brush in what seems like months, too much building of marines and the like.  

Sadly for me Ben glued the entire thing together before he gave it to me, which makes my life a living hell, but he doesn't expect a great deal end result wise so hopefully we will both be pleasantly surprised with the end result.  So far we have..............

Not much i know, but shit it;s a start. 


  1. Holy f*ck that looks like a good start to me, very realistic skin tones. Looking forward to seeing the rest come together...