Friday, 27 February 2015

Grey Knights - Wearing a Mask

12 months on from the last grey knights I painted I had forgotten how much I hated masking off the curved blades (halberds and falchions for anyone that has never seen a grey knight I am sure such people exist)

After much mucking about on Tuesday evening I finally came up with an effective and easy and method, mask with tape along the straight part and then use Vallejo Masking Fluid for the curve, tried Humbrol Maskol but never got a decent edge and it smells like cack!

If I don't post it I risk it never happening and my models being confiscated by some scotsman.....

So apologies for the 1990's mobile phone quality camera photo.....


Monday, 23 February 2015

Grey Knights - Mucho Shiny

Inbetween moving furniture over the weekend and trying to climb over piles of crap that have come out of my old storage cabinets I managed to get a little airbrushing done, suffice to say my painting area and bedroom look like this lady resides there.....

Order will be brought to chaos tomorrow when the 2nd and 3rd new cabinets are delivered and all the shite can fly back in them :D

Anyway, shiny shiny knights of shiny 

Airbrushed with Mr Hobby Super Metalics, zenithal highlighting starting with "Super Iron", "Super Titanium", "Super Fine Silver" and then "Plate Silver Next".  So they are now ready for ink glazes and detailing etc.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Grey Knights - Dreadknight

I have finished building the Dreadknight and I have canned the tabard idea, in theory it looked good but as mentioned by my friend Ead might have looked like an emergency escape slide.  Having sculpted it and put it in place I can safely say that it looked like Little Timmy the Terminator was on a day out with mummy and daddy at Crealy Adventure Park and got to go on the Dreadknight Slide.

So instead I have gone with a hanging pennant. This is a happy compromise that will give me a point of visual interest and somewhere to do a little freehand and it also helps to visually balance the model as the lower part is rather sparse.

ready for painting.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Poisoned Needle Of The Imperium - Officio Assassinorum

What's this.....a decent picture where you can actually see it rather than more blur than a cataract

Might as well go the whole hog and post 2 photos.....

Right I am feeling dizzy need to go sit down :D


Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Poisoned Needle Of The Imperium - Officio Assassinorum

Along with my many other projects I have decided to make my own assassins for two reasons. Firstly the official models are ultra bobbins...... and secondly I want all four to be women, like some kind hardcore Charlies Angels (refrain from googling "hardcore Charlies Angels" you probably end up seeing a midget with a donkey, I have learnt from my mistake of googling "butthurt lotion"....) 

I have started with the Culexus, using cauldron of blood bits, some wire, a skull, pain engine bit, grey knight bits, greenstuff/magicsculpt, eye of newt, wing of bat......

I have re-sculpted the hand to be pointing much like the official model who I refer to as Disco Dave 

Picture at the moment is pretty damn poor but time has been a factor, so much stuff to do meaning a quick snap with a itty bitty shitty phone camera is all I can muster. Yes I suck 

Grey Knights - Dreadknight

A recent basing theme change on my doubles army with my mate Pete has led me to have to revisit old friends, the Grey Knights.  The new basing idea is great, however not one that I want on my entire Exorcist army as it is far larger than the small contingent in the doubles list, as such slight amendments were made to our doubles army a few weeks ago and a few solo games played to get me in touch with the new Grey Knight be honest I am slightly out of touch with the main rules as well having not played for a few months but it is all starting to return.  All in all it is quite a decent codex and it will fit into the theme Pete is leaning towards both unit wise and basing wise.  That is all I am willing to say on that for now.  

I have most of the stuff built/converted already, just the Dreadknight to do.  Didn't want it to be stock so I am going to alter the look a fair amount.  Rather than repose the legs and colossal the ballache that would involve with having to repose the terminator pilot as well I am going to alter the look by changing the weapon and giving him a bloody great tabard so that he will look something similar to the brotherhood captain model.   

If anything the tabard will add more visual weight to the lower half of the model and improve the balance.

So far I have built the legs and more importantly the "counts as Nemesis Greatsword" halberd.