Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Grey Knights - Dreadknight

A recent basing theme change on my doubles army with my mate Pete has led me to have to revisit old friends, the Grey Knights.  The new basing idea is great, however not one that I want on my entire Exorcist army as it is far larger than the small contingent in the doubles list, as such slight amendments were made to our doubles army a few weeks ago and a few solo games played to get me in touch with the new Grey Knight be honest I am slightly out of touch with the main rules as well having not played for a few months but it is all starting to return.  All in all it is quite a decent codex and it will fit into the theme Pete is leaning towards both unit wise and basing wise.  That is all I am willing to say on that for now.  

I have most of the stuff built/converted already, just the Dreadknight to do.  Didn't want it to be stock so I am going to alter the look a fair amount.  Rather than repose the legs and colossal the ballache that would involve with having to repose the terminator pilot as well I am going to alter the look by changing the weapon and giving him a bloody great tabard so that he will look something similar to the brotherhood captain model.   

If anything the tabard will add more visual weight to the lower half of the model and improve the balance.

So far I have built the legs and more importantly the "counts as Nemesis Greatsword" halberd.

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