Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Poisoned Needle Of The Imperium - Officio Assassinorum

Along with my many other projects I have decided to make my own assassins for two reasons. Firstly the official models are ultra bobbins...... and secondly I want all four to be women, like some kind hardcore Charlies Angels (refrain from googling "hardcore Charlies Angels" you probably end up seeing a midget with a donkey, I have learnt from my mistake of googling "butthurt lotion"....) 

I have started with the Culexus, using cauldron of blood bits, some wire, a skull, pain engine bit, grey knight bits, greenstuff/magicsculpt, eye of newt, wing of bat......

I have re-sculpted the hand to be pointing much like the official model who I refer to as Disco Dave 

Picture at the moment is pretty damn poor but time has been a factor, so much stuff to do meaning a quick snap with a itty bitty shitty phone camera is all I can muster. Yes I suck 


  1. Somewhat hard to tell from the pic, but it looks quite nice! Body from a guardian of the DE blood bathtub?

    1. yeah picture is piss poor, I will sort out a better one tonight :)

      Yes body is one of the blood cauldron ladies, skin will be painted black to simulate the synskin like I did with the death cultists