Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Grey Knights - Do you have any warp dust?

So upon closer inspection Draigo was Derpin a little too much. So i have repainted the one eye 

much less derp and not even a little bit of herp

Grey Knights - Do you have any warp dust?

It wouldn't be a Grey Knights army without a little Draigo now would it......

face done

I like your horn!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Grey Knights - Shiny M2

Have been adding ink glazes to the aegis armour to give it some warm/cold contrasts and make it generally more interesting that silver shaded with black.  

I have applied the following glazes/shades (all ink is Daler and Rowney FW artist acrylic inks) 

Darkest Shadow - Watered down Vallejo Model Air Black 

Warm Shade 1 - Yellow Ochre/Sepia ink (ratio - 1:1)
Warm Shade 2 - Sepia/Brilliant Yellow/Flame Red ink (ratio - 1:1:1) 
Cool Shade 1 - Indigo/Paynes Grey ink (ratio - 1:1) 
Cool Shade 2 - Paynes Grey 

I won't post pictures of all the different terminators however they are all done to this stage apart from their heads are not attached yet, instead I am just going to post the one with the head attached.

Further inking may be done once the other details are done and I am able to assess if more tonal variations are required.

Oh and I added some lightning effects to all the swords, Not sure if I posted pictures of them, but they can been seen in the pictures above just about.  My painting method and blog updates are akin to Fraggle Rock 

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Grey Knights - Got Head

All the skin on the heads belonging to the Terminators, Librarian and dreadknight pilot are done.

close ups

I also have a couple of pictures of the a few of the blades

Dreadknight halberd

Couple of random swords