Thursday, 12 March 2015

Grey Knights - Shiny M2

Have been adding ink glazes to the aegis armour to give it some warm/cold contrasts and make it generally more interesting that silver shaded with black.  

I have applied the following glazes/shades (all ink is Daler and Rowney FW artist acrylic inks) 

Darkest Shadow - Watered down Vallejo Model Air Black 

Warm Shade 1 - Yellow Ochre/Sepia ink (ratio - 1:1)
Warm Shade 2 - Sepia/Brilliant Yellow/Flame Red ink (ratio - 1:1:1) 
Cool Shade 1 - Indigo/Paynes Grey ink (ratio - 1:1) 
Cool Shade 2 - Paynes Grey 

I won't post pictures of all the different terminators however they are all done to this stage apart from their heads are not attached yet, instead I am just going to post the one with the head attached.

Further inking may be done once the other details are done and I am able to assess if more tonal variations are required.

Oh and I added some lightning effects to all the swords, Not sure if I posted pictures of them, but they can been seen in the pictures above just about.  My painting method and blog updates are akin to Fraggle Rock 


  1. 'Take me closer so I can hit them with my swords!'

    1. lol. Although think that should be teleport me closer :P