Monday, 20 April 2015

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it's.......

No it is actually a plane named after a bird.......

Model - Vulture Gunship  
Designated - "Little Miss Mayhem" 
Pilot - Joseph "Big Joe" Bitowlski  
Gunner - Samuel "Mailman" Gallan   

Still waiting for the replacement right power coupling from FW before I can finish the Stormsword as they went me two left power couplings, so i thought I would get the Vulture gunship done as I do the flyer camo ever so slightly differently to tanks it would not need to be in the camo paint conveyor belt.  

Went from being in bits and needing washing on Saturday at 10am to the picture below by Sunday evening, I love it when a model builds itself.


  1. brrrrrprrrrrrr....pew pew pew....njjjjeeeeeaaaauuuuuwwwww......baBOOOOSHHHH...
    oh sorry, got caught up...;) Looking forward to this one buddy!