Thursday, 16 April 2015


Had a clear out of my "Cupboard of Awesome" (I should trademark that shit) and I decided to get some of my Guard "buy it cheap to build later" purchases built and painted.....

We have three new Super Heavies, Baneblade, Stormsword (actually brought this recently because I love the Arkurian Pattern tanks from FW and it is the only one I have not got) and a Hellhammer, 3 Leman Russ Ryza Pattern Executioners, (not pictured) and 3 Devil Dogs (yet to be built).  In short I brought the Hammer of Cadia Box Set, getting the Baneblade for £15 or something outrageous, the 2nd Baneblade was a trade in of some still sealed daemon shite from a project that collapsed due to the event being cancelled.  Decided that I needed to fuel my plasma love so purchased 3 Ryza executioner turrets from FW.  Happy tank joy is a go!  

Hmmmmm might need a larger display cabinet...........

Names for the 3 new super heavies have already been selected.

Baneblade will be "Steel Nymph" although that may seem slightly odd that is so i can proxy it as Arethusa the named Baneblade in Imperial Armour 1 2nd Ed.  Arethusa obviously being a nymph in greek mythology.

Hellhammer will be "Morningstar" as both the tank and the medieval weapon are large blunt metal instruments for smashing a foe into submission, or you can take the Milton/Bible take on it Morning Star being a name for Lucifer, "hell"hammer etc I dont think I need to explain that any more :D

Stormsword will be "Highwayman" and I even came up with a little fluffy back story as to the name and the tank's history (yes I am a sad nerd, but in the words of the mighty Pvt Michael J Caboose "I like me!").  When first built the Highwayman was an unnamed shadowsword in the 8th Company and during the Ork assault on Helreach by the orks it was ordered into the city to assist in the defense.  It saw the majority of it's time on Hel's Highway punishing ork armour with it's titan killer main gun, the fearsome Volcano Cannon. However as the assault ground on the shadowsword took a direct hit to the main gun thanks to a blast from an madcap contraption weilded by a mekboy.  With no Volcano Cannon the commander saw no reason to remain in the main street and loose such a relic of the Imperium and withdrew into a side street only to be ambushed by a sulking tankbusta who managed to damage the tracks and render the tank immobile; receiving a heavy bolter round to the face for his trouble.  Although severely damaged and working at far reduced combat effectiveness the crew carried on the good fight.  The crew were able thin the ork horde as it advanced; relatively unnoticed using the still functioning sponson heavy bolters and lascannons, due in no small part to the orks being utterly focused on getting to the Temple of the Emperor Ascendant where Grimaldus and the remaining Black Templars were making their final stand; the mentality of the ork, find the better fight.....why bother with a the crew of a wrecked tank when there are space marines to kill.  Once the Ork assault had been broken and the retaking of the Hive had begun the crippled tank was found by the imperial forces, still sat in the shadows, still ready to fight to the death.  The main gun was beyond repair however it was deemed that the tank would still be a powerful asset in the retaking of the hive in another form, it was taken away to be retrofitted with a hellhammer seige cannon and a new Stormsword was created and given the honorary title of "Highwayman" for it's heroics on the Hel's Highway.

I have also come up with some slogans for the sides of the executioners 

"Are we havin' fun yet?" 
"Helsreach Express"
"Now we're cookin!"      

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