Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Strippers Putting Clothes Back On?? WIP them out for the world to see!!

So i have progressed well with the repaint on the Shadowsword, Stormblade and first paint on the Hellhammer.  Think I was right in every way to strip the 2 tanks and redo them, not only are they more consistent in colour now but they also already look 10 times better in their new guises.  Hellhammer is slightly more along the way to completion than the other two but I just wanted to get stuck in on the re-paints to make myself sure I had not made a whopping mistake.  I would like to think that I did not but the true test of that will only become evident when they are finished. 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Strippers! I see Strippers!

Before anyone thinks I have had a severe mental breakdown, I have not........

Do you remember these two?

It has been bugging me for sometime now that they are a different colour to ALL the other tanks in my Steel Legion army and with the recent completion of the Stormsword, Baneblade and the very near completion of the Hellhammer things came to a head yesterday morning when i got all 5 tanks out on the table to have a look and my left eye started twitching (my tell when something is causing me irritation) at the inconsistency.  

Compare the above with the two below......

Not only are the colours different but the quality of the final paint jobs are entirely different.  So based on both those inconsistencies this happened (no that is fairy power spray not semen!)    

Suffice to say after an evening with some thinners and a tooth brush they are stripped reundercoated and rebasecoated for the repaint......and as my friend Tommie pointed out, it is like having 2 new models to paint!!! Huzzah

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Vultures Circle

With Battle Brothers just around the corner I decided it was about time to get a base for the Vulture done as i intend to take it with me......

And a close up on the Recruitment Poster I knocked together for the base

Monday, 1 June 2015

The Nymph Rises

Been a little sidetracked in the last week and haven't had the time to work on the Steel Nymph but I have now managed to get it done other than the mud

Next up the Hellhammer "Morningstar"