Monday, 2 November 2015

Back Like A Vertebrae

Over the last few months I have been on the brink of quitting the hobby totally, even got to the point of speaking to a guy about a massive job lot.  

All of this because of some raging manchild....for anyone interested I was in the local GW about 5 months ago playing my friend Ben in a game of 40k when an argument broke out on the table next to us between a pair of guys about some 40k rules, argument went on and resulted in a socially inept manchild raging and smashing up about £200-£300 worth of his own Skitartii and Marines and storming out.  

Now I game purely for relaxation after work and enjoying time with my that shit is NOT relaxing at all infact stressful as I have to be mindful of that c**t so I stopped everything hobby related other than a painting obligation I had.  Literally something in my head just switched off! 

Then Forgeworld released the Knight Atrapos...................

between the Atrapos release and some of my friends talking "off the ledge" as it were, I find myself refreshed/invigorated/motivated and ready to get my hobby on!

Since I have returned I have painted Manus Ferrus for a mate, although due to a problem with my camera not being compatible with Windows 10 I was unable to get photos of it before I gave ti to him, but to be fair I am not that concerned as it was tabletop standard for someone else so doesn't really fit in with my own projects.  I have also started work on the first of 6 knights, 5 of which I have had for absolutely ages, these I have been looking forward to for a while and I find it odd I have not tackled these previously........

Oh and the Superheavies I finished something like 5 months ago have finally received photographs :D  I was photographing all the superheavies for someone on a white background so I got a few of the Highwayman and Steel Nymph so I have posted those also

So what most people are actually bothered about, pictures.......

Group shot!!

Hellhammer - "Morningstar"

Next up, the repainted Shadowsword - "Iron Saint"

Next the repainted and renamed Stormblade - "Ironbound" (such a better name than that pigswill Light of the Emperor)

Then we have some retakes of the Baneblade - "Steel Nymph"

and finally the Stormsword - "Highwayman"

and done........

Be good 



  1. Manchildren are getting everywhere these days, aren't they, Dee? ;)

    Oh, and T/T shite, my arse! lol :P

    1. cheers Scott, will I ever live that T/T shite comment down......probably not :D

      League of Manchildren Against Social Etiquette have spies everywhere I tell you, it will be too late if we dont take a stand now! :P

  2. Glad to hear some idiot hasn't put you off the hobby for good. I have been checking every so often to see what you were up to, now I understand, there is nothing worse than seeing the ugly side of the hobby you love. The tanks are fantastic, looking forward to seeing where the Atrapos takes you!

    1. Cheers Ben. I am a little disappointed with myself to allow the actions of some bellsniff to affect my hobby but it is what it is. Sadly the Atrapos was over ordered/under stocked at FW and it only shipped yesterday, set for delivery by Dave the UPS guy sometime today :D But I am balls deep in the other knights currently so it will have to wait till I finish the Gallant, probably early next week