Friday, 6 November 2015

Freehand and Transfers

Realised yesterday that I had forgotten to paint the red lightning bolts on the Legio Invigilata symbols....doh!  

It is not like I have never freehanded red lightning bolts before *cough* steel legion *cough* 

So I figured "bugger it I will just duuuu eeeet" whilst I was at it I decided to add another legio symbol to the black section of the left shoulder pad.  

I also dealt with the transfers on the greave and the shoulders, had a mini nightmare with them 2 nights ago the microset reacted funnily with the Klear and I ended up with milky crap all over the right hand shoulder pad.  So i stripped it and repainted it. Yes lost an evening and a transfer but it is as good as new so all's good.  

all parts armounr sections detached, kleared, 
and ready for some rub and buff weathering lovin' 

Also started on some of the minor details on the endoskeleton

Can't help but think of Johnny 5 when I look at this

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