Monday, 30 November 2015

The All Father's Technicolored Rod of Nefarious Doom

So remember this guy........

To be honest if you don't it's clearly time for that retirement home cause dementia has set in as I posted it yesterday......


Anyway during the night I ground my teeth in my sleep in a stress ridden slumber over the name.....

Had a brief discussion with a couple of mates this morning over the name and they agreed the riposte just didn't pair up with something so norse.

So gone is Gungnir's Riposte, in steps Gungnir's Wrath, which makes far more sense as this lancer will be equipped with the Helm of the Nameless Warrior granting rampage.

And the stress is now gone.  I have even worked out the name for the next Knight Lancer, yes there is another after this one, which will be named Iapetus after the greek titan, which literally translates to "The Piercer"

Happy Joy Joy, all I need now is a name for the final Crusader.


  1. Looking real good. Keep posting.

    1. Thanks mate, I will indeed. My hobby joy has been well and truly reclaimed. And since that picture was taken everything is undercoated and I am about 50% finished on the pilot and cockpit