Tuesday, 3 November 2015

When A Legio Marches.....

For almost all Imperial Knights, the call to fight as part of a Titan Legion is met with a burning enthusiasm. Knights from different household detachments vie with one another in acts of valour and heroism on the battlefield as well as through the spectacle of the banners and individual heraldry emblazoned on their suits. The chance to earn glory while at the same time escaping courtly life not just for days, but for years or even decades, is considered the greatest reward they are ever likely to receive.  Occasionally, the Adeptus Mechanicus will decree that a household detachment must remain with the Titan Legion permanently. When this is the case, the Nobles will change their vows of allegiance and heraldry from their house to the Titan Legion they now serve, and will be given an honorific title by the master of the legion to better reflect their new status.

Right well that is the reasoning behind my choice of not painting my knights in a "knight house" colour scheme and instead matching them with my Reaver Danol's Retribution from the Legio Invigilta (The Emperors Guard).  So with all that gumph out of the way, started on the first of 6 knights at the weekend, a plastic Crusader.  Name wise I am undecided at the moment but am leaning towards Garmr's Vigil.  Garmr being the dog that stands watch over Hel's gate (from norse mythology) and is Hel's hound, adds a link to Helsreach in a roundabout way.  As the Crusader is fire support the name fits the role of watchman, at least that is what I will keep telling myself......

Started on Saturday and already motoring through it!

Very enjoyable model to build and paint thus far, my hat is off to GW on this one for sure 

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