Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Running Man

Before I can tackle other things I need to get the knights finished.  So I have jumped straight into the next lancer.  Iapetus.  The name was chosen because the name Iapetus was the name of one of the titans from Greek mythology it also loosely means "The Piercer" and derives from the Greek word to wound or pierce iapto (ιαπτω) so to me it seemed rather fitting.

The cast on this was less than perfect so I spent most of the weekend fixing miscasts.  Usually I would just send them back to FW and ask for replacement as they are nothing but exceptional when it comes to things like that.  However due to the time passed since I purchased the lancers on release and the fact it is xmas I may have been waiting for a while so I just got on with it myself.  

This lancer will probably be the most challenging knight to photograph because of the stance it looks a lot like it is falling when photographed however it is not. It gives me personally the impression of it lunging forwards parrying incoming blows seconds before delivering a counterstrike of course I may have rose tinted glasses on here. 

So pictures of the tacced lancer and the WIP base

I have also added to the base although disassembled the lancer for painting so here is the base on its' own, the large area of cork will be tarmac and I want to stencil on some markings to fill in the space

Monday, 14 December 2015

The Sound of Thunder

Cue the music..............

Put that on an infinite loop

Then do this

and you have an insight in to how my brain will be for the next 4 months...........

Why? you may ask. Well these turned up over the last two weeks

What was contained within these not inconsiderable sized boxes Damien?  you may further ask

Something for after the knights are finished that i treated myself to.

However do not expect anything on this until I have finished the knights and a small contingent of Cult Mechanius (1 Dominus and 6 Destroyer Battle Servitors)

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Industrial Cattle Prods

Zappy McZap Zap of the Clan McZap

Added the wire to the lance head and painted the whole thing, Was more luck than judgement with this bit, but it turned out as intended

All that remains is the banner and the piston oil and then jobs a good un.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Shocking Anal Retentiveness..........

Me being the massive freak that I am, the lightning was not sufficient for me........


I reworked it, added in some much finer wire as well as adding some wire to the inside generator, much happier with it now!  

Drawing a line under that as finished.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015


An evening of trial and error has led to an ok result.  I think at the very least it implies some sort of energy field in the empty spaces on the shield 

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Gungnir's Wrath Progress

Uninteresting blog title for a fairly uninteresting post.  

Lancer is a little closer to completion, although still only black-tacced together for the photo. 

Still need to sort out the chipping, and I am planning a lightning effect on the shield and possibly the lance too, if you think of this picture you will not be far from what I am looking to replicate.....

Although I will not be doing the lightning up the entire knight as in the picture.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Guiding the Lance

Pilot and cockpit are done, not the best job on either as neither are that easy to view so I saw no point in overdoing them. I give you Jakob Von Flashheart V

An idea given to me by Tommie Soule has made the cockpit accessible too, made a handle out of brass rod thereby allowing the hatch to be opened and closed without any issue