Thursday, 10 December 2015

Industrial Cattle Prods

Zappy McZap Zap of the Clan McZap

Added the wire to the lance head and painted the whole thing, Was more luck than judgement with this bit, but it turned out as intended

All that remains is the banner and the piston oil and then jobs a good un.


  1. That wirework looks amazing, you have really captured the look of the artwork. Looking forward to seeing it all together!

    1. Cheers Ben. I finished off the crotch banner over the weekend as well as sorted the oil on the pistons so it is ready for basing along with the other 3, I have started work on knight number 5 (2nd lancer) however cast as less than perfect on this one, was riddled with bubbles so i spent the entire weekend fixing it which was a bit shit but I don't want to break the motivation by having to wait a couple of weeks for Forgeworld to send out new bits although they are usually very quick to deal with miscasts with it being christmas i wasn't going to risk it