Thursday, 18 February 2016

[Insert Witty Silver Based Title Here]

So as the clock ticks the paint goes on.  The strikes and interceptors are fast approaching completion and we have evidence of this

See they do exist......or do they

You ain't seen me, right?
Which coincidentally is shaping up to be my team name

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Naming the Knights

So last night came the moment of judgement for me the moment I have been dreading......

That moment where I had to decide what to name each knight, give me tanks to name any day of the week.  To date I have gone with mostly biblical names but at the suggestion of my friend Ead I decided to look at the enochian language/angel names.  It sort of made sense, I am Mr Dee he is Dr Dee plus I have all the Exorcist Space Marines to paint as part of my Armageddon themed army and they are covered in enochian script....yesterday was Tenuous Link Tuesday in the Damien Household.  

So i read through them extensively; as well as looking at some notable Grey Knights from the fluff, and came up with the following 10 names for the 5 Strikes and 5 Interceptors:


I painted all these on their respective left pauldron on the script scroll.

Also repainted the script on the 5 purifiers that are forming part of the army as their script is frankly shit.

These guys already have names which are:


Also started work on all the gold parts of all the models as well as painted the red housing on all the guns.  Although I am currently without a single completed model I am moving all of them towards completion so hopefully I go from 0 completed Grey Knights to 18 completed grey knights in flick of a brush

Monday, 15 February 2016

Death Chicken Warp Dust Snorting Space Wizards

Productive weekend on the painting front and I got to watch Deadpool; which was frankly awesome....

Anyway this ain't IMDB so don't expect a movie review, instead you can expect pictures of silver space wizards 

First up, Pimp Master General Kaldor Draigo still WIP but moving in the right direction for sure.

Next up is the Robo-Death-Chicken-Of-Nefarious-Doom, Brother Melech WIP again 

Also made a massive dent in the Interceptors and Strike units but I will post pictures of them when they are all finished, pretty much because I can't be arsed taking a million photos of them :D

Thursday, 11 February 2016

I Like Your Horn!

Did a little work to Draigo.

Just for the record it is such a nasty model wish I had attempted a scratch build to be honest.

Also apologies for the poor picture I was running out of the house to work, a drive by photographing :D

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Silver Mind Bullets!

Cracked on with the Grey Knight Librarian and got it well along the road to completion. Pretty pleased with how it is turning out

Just realised it is bloody 11:48pm!!


Monday, 8 February 2016

Silvery A-Holes

So in a spur of the moment decision I am going to Throne of Skulls on the 12-13th March.  So that has resulted in a mad panic to write a list and; as a result of half of what I chose not being painted, a mad panic to get it painted.

Progress is coming along nicely although not 100% sure I will get everything done in time so i have a back up list of Imperial Guard which is all painted.

I have also decided to rebase some of the old Grey Knight Purifiers I am taking so they are on the larger marine bases.

Much Silver

Very Shine

Such Knights


Grey Knight Librarian

Grey Knight Strike and Interceptor Squads

I still have just over 4 weeks to go, It will be close but I think I can manage it.