Thursday, 11 February 2016

I Like Your Horn!

Did a little work to Draigo.

Just for the record it is such a nasty model wish I had attempted a scratch build to be honest.

Also apologies for the poor picture I was running out of the house to work, a drive by photographing :D


  1. Why nasty? Is it fine cast or is it the pose? I picked a metal one up on eBay after everything went to resin - I'll claim my bus pass before it sees paint I fear. Lovely blending and freehand on his dress though.

    1. Cheers matey. There are parts of the sculpt that just feel unfinished and he looks uneasy in his stance. This boy is metal too fished him out my bits box, been in there a good couple of years. I forgot I had him, shame because I could have saved my money on the Finecast one that went in the bin.

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    3. will let you in on a little secret, I brought all the bits to scratch build a draigo today, this boy will most likely end up on ebay, or I have two

    4. Excellent - look forward to seeing it! I know what you mean about the posing, still, at least it's not like the Dark Angels chapter master (Belial?) that was released. It looks like he's directing traffic whilst needing a pee.

    5. ahahahah, the award for the best description of Belial goes to.....