Monday, 8 February 2016

Silvery A-Holes

So in a spur of the moment decision I am going to Throne of Skulls on the 12-13th March.  So that has resulted in a mad panic to write a list and; as a result of half of what I chose not being painted, a mad panic to get it painted.

Progress is coming along nicely although not 100% sure I will get everything done in time so i have a back up list of Imperial Guard which is all painted.

I have also decided to rebase some of the old Grey Knight Purifiers I am taking so they are on the larger marine bases.

Much Silver

Very Shine

Such Knights


Grey Knight Librarian

Grey Knight Strike and Interceptor Squads

I still have just over 4 weeks to go, It will be close but I think I can manage it.


  1. Good luck, Mr Dee! Does your list still include galaxy renowned sphincter stretcher, Inquisitor Coteaz?

  2. Does indeed mate, list is not perfect and has a number of flaws but I have played with it a couple of times and have enjoyed it immensely. I will suffer badly against armies with loads of armour or flyers but there comes a point where you just have to stop tinkering and roll with it. List is

    ++ Grey Knights: Codex (2014) (GK Nemesis Strike Force) ++

    + HQ +

    Librarian [Domina Liber Daemonica, Nemesis warding stave, Psyker [ML 3]]

    + Elites +

    Purifier Squad
    ····Knight of the Flame [Nemesis Daemon hammer]
    ····4x Purifier (halberd) [4x Nemesis force halberd]

    + Troops +

    Strike Squad [4x Grey Knight (sword)]
    ····Justicar [Nemesis force sword]

    + Fast Attack +

    Interceptor Squad
    ····Interceptor (falchions) [2x Nemesis falchion]
    ····2x Interceptor (hammer) [2x Nemesis Daemon hammer]
    ····Interceptor (incinerator) [Incinerator]
    ····Interceptor Justicar [Two Nemesis falchions]

    + Heavy Support +

    Nemesis Dreadknight [Heavy Psycannon, Nemesis greatsword and power fist, Personal teleporter]

    + Lords of War +

    Kaldor Draigo

    ++ Inquisition: Codex (2013) (Inq Inquisitorial Detachment) ++

    + HQ +

    Inquisitor Coteaz

    Ordo Malleus Inquisitor [Empyrean Brain Mines, Grimoire of True Names, 3x Servo Skulls]
    ····Terminator Armour [Nemesis Daemon hammer, Psycannon]

    + Elites +

    Inquisitorial Henchmen Warband [7x Death Cult Assassin, Psyker]
    ····Ministorum Priest [CC Weapon, Laspistol]

    ++ Space Marines: Codex (2015) (Formation Detachment) ++

    + (No Category) +

    Chapter Tactics * [Red Scorpions]

    Show FW models * [1. HQ]

    + Formation +

    'Librarius Conclave * [Magister Sevrin Loth]
    ····Librarian [Mastery Level 1]
    ········Terminator Armour [Force Stave]
    ····Librarian [Mastery Level 1]
    ········Power Armour [Bolt Pistol, Force Stave]

    1. The Conclave I am going to do as Deathwatch (A Red Scorpion, a Novamarine, and a Star Phantom) to try and tie them into the general Inquisition theme even though they are a totally different Ordos to the rest

    2. Sounds cool! Those marine chapters have a hint of the1980s about them. There was an old White Dwarf with a page of marine colours, I'm pretty sure that's where those three first made an appearance. Pity the new Deathwatch game won't be out until after the event.

    3. I can't take full credit for the chapter choices, was after a discussion with a mate, Ead. There are a few mates/confidants I bounce ideas of before I proceed with things just in case they are pants :D