Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wolves of Armageddon


Started working on the riders for the Thunderwolves.  Realised that I had used the wrong shoulder pad for the left pauldron making it somewhat a challenge to paint a Deathwolves Company marking on it, but having read some of the fluff it seems that there may be variations on the general theme so instead of a red pauldron with a black wolf head eating a white star I will do a red pauldron with a black wolf head and a white star behind the head and off to the upper left of it.  If anyone moans about it I will show them my face of mucho concern

Monday, 18 July 2016

Wolves of Armageddon

The thunderwolves are all done, sadly had a really busy week last week and they took about 4 days more than I would have liked, but hey ho what can you do, life is what happens when you have made other plans.

Monday, 11 July 2016

Wolves of Armageddon

Tester for the thunderwolves.......

Wolves of Armageddon

 Having decided to go to another Throne of Skulls in September I have set myself a challenge......an entirely new 1750 point army.  In order to tie it in with my Armageddon themed imperial army I decided to go with Space Wolves, plus it means I can spend a vast amount of points on Thunderwolves and the like so I don't have to paint many models :D

Army is made up of the following


HQ - Wolf Lord (thunderwolf, TH/SS)

Troop - 5 Grey Hunters (BG, BP, CCW)

Fast - 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry (3 SS, 2 CCW, 1 TH)


Elite - 5 Wulfen (4 Great Frost Axes, 1 Dual Frost Claws, 1 Frang Launcher)

Company of Fenris

HQ - Ironpriest (Thunderwolf, T/H)

Elite - Lone Wolf (TH/SS)

Elite - 5 Wolf Guard (5 SS, 1 Frost Axe, 1 TH, 3 CCW)

Fast - 3 Thunderwolf Cavalry (3 SS, 2 Frost Axes, 1 TH)

Heavy - 6 Long Fangs (1 ancient, 5 lascannons)

Spent last week building and all is ready to paint

Have some pictures of grey plastic.....

Wolf Lord

Wolf Guard

Long Fangs


Lone Wolf

Ready to Undercoat

can't bloody rotate this at work!!