Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wolves of Armageddon


Started working on the riders for the Thunderwolves.  Realised that I had used the wrong shoulder pad for the left pauldron making it somewhat a challenge to paint a Deathwolves Company marking on it, but having read some of the fluff it seems that there may be variations on the general theme so instead of a red pauldron with a black wolf head eating a white star I will do a red pauldron with a black wolf head and a white star behind the head and off to the upper left of it.  If anyone moans about it I will show them my face of mucho concern


  1. I wanna see that face of mucho concern :-D
    But on topic......looking good Deemeister!

  2. I know that you always strive for exacting perfection, but there's always artistic license. However, this is coming from the guy who painted all of his Crimson Fists with two red hands. It may be against the fluff, but the colours balance better.
    Love the armour colour - very second edition.