Thursday, 1 February 2018

Back in the Saddle

It has been a while.........well it's been a fucking age since I last posted something.  I won't bore people with how crap life has been for me over the last 2 years suffice to say everything is most definitely on the up.  On and positive note I have been painting stuff just not posting it, so I might do a post soon with a catch up.


Gloves are off and I have set myself a challenge, paint 6 henchmen and a culexus assassin by Friday morning next week.

I have spent the last few days knocking up the henchmen and came up with this merry band of delinquents

cataphractii terminator shield, flagellants arm and head, skitarii arm, horus heresy bolter, genestealer cult legs, guard shoulder pad, duststalker body, plasticard

Grey knight bits, SM bolter, high elf arms and legs, skitarii torso and coat, space wolf head, brass rod and plasticard

lord of blight base model with much greenstuff work (belly/breather tube/kilt), skitarii head, servvitor arm, primaris bolter, chaos warrior arm, flagellants banner, death Korps heavy flamer backpack (on back)

darlk elf cauldron hag body, duststalker head, sisters of silence arms shoulders and bolter

ad mech legs, valkyrie crew body, baneblade crew arms, genestealer cult head, space wolf thunderwolf cav bolter (on back)

taurox crew head, sm reiver bolter, genestealer cult body and arms, guard shoulder pads

empire cannon crew legs, sm scout body, skitarii arms, empire or guard head, sisters of silence bolter, cataphractii terminator shield

I have sortted out names and stuff for them all but I will wait till I get some paint on them first.
Week to a challenge


  1. Really good to see you back! I kind of stopped playing in Exeter when they went to 4’x4’ tables, I often go to Kirton Games in Crediton. It would be good to catch up at some point to paint - I think you mentioned Clifton Road at one point, I don’t know if you still frequent that place - I do occasionally.

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