Monday, 19 February 2018

The Ones That Sleep

And moving on.......
New Throne of Skulls trip planned for beginning of April. 
New army? 
Sure why not......
Cthuhlu influenced Thousand Sons with extensive conversions?
Sure challenge accepted!
Armies are to be Power Level 100 and no more than 3 detachments.  Easy!
Supreme Command Detachment
HQ - Ahriman on Disc
HQ - Exalted Sorcerer on Disc
HQ - Exalted Sorcerer on Disc
Lord of War - Magnus the Red
Vanguard Detachment
HQ - Sorcerer
Troop - 10 Tzaangors
Elite - Decimator with 2 Soulburner Pertrands
Elite - Decimator with 2 Soulburner Pertrands
Elite - Hellforged Contemptor with 2 chainclaws and Soulburners
Heavy - Hellforged Leviathan with 2 grav flux bombards
19 models in PL100......will be an easy and fast list to play with no doubt
I have started the conversion work on the dreads/decimators

Some fancy barding to make it more Thousand Sons out of plasticard and greenstuff/Magicsculpt

Tentacles Curing.....or trying to escape the Blu-tac Beast of Devon
Once cured, sand down one edge so it is flat, and add balls of putty with a little super glue and then with the end of a brush prod it to make a sucker.  Octopus tentacles are done.....

Attach to the PAINT ME!!!!!!!



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