Monday, 23 July 2018

Knights of the Legio

Originally tried to get my Thousand Sons army finished for a game against Dan Harden of White Dwarf, I failed...........

So a substitute army was required with three weeks to go before I travelled to Warhammer World......

What do I have that Dan has not seen and I have unfinished (some of which have been for almost 2 years now) that I can use the game as motivation to paint......



2 Warglaives
2 Helverins

Some work in progress bits and bobs........

Luckily I don't mind painting freehand Legio Symbols................

 fast forward 3 weeks to 3:20am on the night before I travel to Nottingham.....FINISHED!!!!
I have some videos of the models but can I upload a decent copy....can I fuck
So you will have to trust me when I say I finished the lot, added them to my other 6 existing knights, and then made it to WHW to play the game :)
As fate would have it the Open War cards we drew allowed us to fight over the bridge and much fun was had including a rather stunning chain reaction of explosions that left a stompa, 2 knights, and half the Ork infantry dead. 


  1. You are a genuine nutter! The Knights look amazing - even better on those tables.

    1. Never professed to be sane 😂😂