Tuesday, 28 August 2018

The Disease Spreads

The Bank Holiday Weekend was good to me from a sculpting point of view, although I could have used Sunday better as it was spent getting spanked by the dice whilst playing my Thousand Sons; the winds of fate have abandoned me it seems.  Balls to it I have gribbly stuff I make anyway !

First up I managed to get the Daemon Prince Finished although still not sure about the addition of the original cap mortarion has.

Vorbolous The Reborn

Irrespective of the cape option however it is looking pretty decent.

Next up I started work on the Plague Hulk despite GW trying their best to balls my ability to get a defiler/soulgrinder.......ordered from local shop they forgot to send it to them, ordered it from GW site and they forgot to send it next day delivery; actually only arrived today despite ordering on Thursday morning.  Luckily my friend had one he sold me cheap and although it was poorly built it was not a problem due to what I intended to do with it........

I will let the video speak for itself

That was on Sunday night late on......

Then came Monday and a bank holiday and this stuff happened....

Still loads more to do but it is on the right side of the getting done.

I forgot how much I love sculpting Nurgle stuff!!

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