Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The Rotting Legions

What do I need?

Clearly another project to draw my attention away from on going projects........I am such a tit

Anyway enough self chastisement.....

I have decided to return to what truly makes me happy, all that is putrid and bile ridden........Nurgle

Father Be Praised! and all that shenanigans

I am doing a doubles list with my mate Gareth for a tournament, Nurgle Daemons on his side, Death Guard (read daemon engines) on my side.

It allows me to do some sculpting and I get to sculpt and paint his an epidemius counts as for his 30th birthday present.  Cool beans

Starting off this little freakshow is my work in progress on my Daemon Prince of Nurgle, Vorbolous the Reborn, Herald of the Plague Father

I am happy with how he is progressing, used the 30k Mortarion model as a base for it due to me running the prince with Suppurating Plate  

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